14 Apr

Boston Marathon 2018: Who From Atlanta Is Running?

ATLANTA, GA — The 122nd running of the Boston Marathon takes place Monday, April 16. In Boston, Patriots Day has grown to take on a larger meaning as one of the great days of sport and human triumph.

Runners from across the globe flock to be tested by the 26.2-mile course from the Hopkinton start line to the famous Boylston Street finish line

See a list below of who from Atlanta is running. If you see them jogging around town, give them a thumbs up. They’ve earned it.

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Kelsey, Claire, 21Dourmashkin, Lisa, 23Clegg, Molly, 24Cross, Cameron, 24Haden, Caroline, 24Chilmonczyk, Mason, 25Collin, Claire, 27D’Angelo, Olivia, 27Espino, Daniela, 27Palmer, Lauren, 28Wolkin, Amy, 28Mindel, Celia, 28Vangorder, Morgan, 28Stram, Troy, 28Beauchamp, Thomas, 29Wagner, Melanie, 30Sanchez, Enrique, 31
Duncan, Ashley, 31Coffed, Dougie, 32Da Silva, Julia, 32Sharifpour, Milad, 33Mcgui, Erin, 33Kimbel, Christopher, 33Tobin, Jonathan, 33Holder, Jason, 34Mitchen, Diana, 34Mooney, Tara, 34Mccalla, Katy, 35Stone, Sara, 36Dettmering, Brett, 36Jorgensen, Blake, 36Loudon-Brown, Mark, 36Ladner, Justin, 37Gilyalova, Svetlana, 37Gurnow, Marci, 37Hafford, Miranda, 37
Sawyer, Ryan, 37Fogarty, Lauren, 38Nagorny, Sean, 38Gerber, Michael, 38Boers, Chad, 39Davis, Elizabeth, 39Skola, Elizabeth, 39Aliabadi, Negar, 40Smith, Brad, 40Agichtein, Eugene, 41Owens, Ben, 41 Mccormack, Kevin, 42Sklar, Michael, 42Steele-Belkin, Dara, 43Nicolini, Meghan, 43Liss, Michael, 44Franciscus, Zoe, 44Cook, Charles, 45Dyer, Shawn, 45Martinez, Miguel, 46Valerio, Michael, 46Li, Sharon, 46Weinrobe, Josh, 47Patton, Kevin, 47Jarrard, George, 47Taskiran-Cyr, Pinar, 47Abernathy, Robert, 48Hartigan, Jill, 48Rigsby, Scott, 49Itzler, Jesse, 49Welch, Susan, 50Gsell, Carol, 50Mchugh, Sean, 50Haushalter, Jeff, 51
Whitlow, Jim, 51Yin, David, 52Figaro, Rita, 52Landry, Michael, 53Haden, Scott, 53Villoutreix, Frederic, 53Collins, Julie, 54Shipp, Trey, 55Black, David, 55Little, Stephen, 53Starr, Loren, 56Keane, Michele, 56Major, Angie, 56Scially, Jodi, 58Langhorne, Michael, 60Buitrago, Felix, 60Stamboly, Michael, 61Brown, John, 62Pon-Brown, Kay, 62Murphy, Terry, 63Persons, Virginia, 63Aviv, Cherie, 64Pate, Thomas, 69Nilsson, Bengt, 70Pettway, Samuel, 71

Different athletes start at different times. Here are the start times for each group:

Mobility Impaired: 8:40 a.m. Men’s Push-Rim Wheelchair: 9:02 a.m. Women’s Push-Rim Wheelchair: 9:04 a.m. Handcycles and Duos: 9:25 a.m. Elite Women: 9:32 a.m. Elite Men and Wave One: 10 a.m. Wave Two: 10:25 a.m. Wave Three: 10:50 a.m. Wave Four: 11:15 a.m.

Want to keep tabs? Click here to find out how to track a runner.

If you want to find how to watch the Boston Marathon on TV or live stream, or get any other information about the race, check out our Boston Marathon Hub here.

Good luck, runners!

Photo by Mike Carraggi, Patch

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