08 Mar

Facebook To Spend $750M On Metro Atlanta Data Center

ATLANTA, GA — Social-media giant Facebook will spend $750 million to build a new data center in metro Atlanta, Gov. Nathan Deal announced Wednesday.

The data center, to be located at Stanton Springs, an industrial park about 40 miles east of downtown Atlanta along Interstate 20, will create about 100 full-time jobs. It will be part of the technology infrastructure that helps Facebook provide apps and Web services to more than 2 billion people around the world.

It will be Facebook’s ninth data center in the United States.

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"It is fitting that the No. 1 company in the world in terms of active users has chosen the No. 1 state for business for this project," Deal said. "We appreciate Facebook’s leadership for recognizing Georgia as a state that serves not only as a major hub for general business, but also as a place where tech firms can be successful in the future."


Metro Atlanta has become a popular spot for data centers, where computer servers that store information and help power the internet are kept. The area is favored as a location for the centers because it is relatively safe from natural disasters and has solid power and internet infrastructures.

Google operates a data center in Douglas County near Douglasville, as does Nevada-based technology company Switch.

The new jobs at Facebook’s data center will include positions in engineering and management, as well as opportunities for data center technicians.

"As a company, Facebook is committed to creating positive impact at the local level – that means hiring, partnering and investing locally," said Rachel Peterson, VP of Data Center Strategy at Facebook. "We are thrilled to be making Georgia our new home and look forward to a long and strong partnership with the state, Newton County, and our new community."

Facebook will build two buildings totaling 970,000 square feet. The centers are expected to be fully operational in 2020.

According to Facebook, the Newton Data Center will be powered by 100 percent clean and renewable energy and cooled using outdoor air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. The facility will also house Facebook’s hyper-efficient hardware, which powers apps and other services.

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