12 May

Former First Lady Michelle Obama visits Atlanta during book tour

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Former First Lady Michelle took time out of her book tour to inspire students.

"I looked around at the people at the table and I thought you’re not smarter than me," said Mrs. Obama as she shared her personal experience of being told she didn’t belong and the feeling of finally making it to the table with the very people who denied access her access.

"I’ve been to the mountain top and I’m coming back down to tell you all you’re deserving and worthy. I’ve seen it. So you can believe me or you can believe what’s in your head" added Michelle.

The former First Lady worked to inspire the group of Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Altanta students, even comforting those who feel they don’t belong. But it wasn’t just her words that had people move, her mere presence at Spelman had students motivated.

"I think it’s really beautiful to have a black woman of her caliber and status of our campus. To see somebody with her stance as a black woman really inspires me and make me want to do more with my life,” said Spelman student Aalie Simms.

And fellow student Shawna Howard agreed, "Michelle Obama embodies everything that I would like to be one day."

But while the students were focused on her, Michelle Obama wasn’t thinking about herself but instead helping the students propel to their next level.

"There are haters out there in the world. There are people who want to win, and every time you give up they win, so you have to practice a different set of tools for yourself and instead of saying oh maybe they’re right.

Altanta is the 2nd to last stop on the Becoming book tour. It wraps Sunday in Nashville.

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