01 May

WSB/Atlanta’s Erick Erickson Plans Second Daily Show On Sister WGAU/Athens Focused On Georgia Issues

Erickson (Photo: WSB)

COX MEDIA GROUP News-Talk WSB-A-WSBB/ATLANTA afternoon host ERICK ERICKSON has been talking on FACEBOOK about launching a second daily talk show focusing on GEORGIA issues and raising money to get the new program off the ground, and now the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION’s RODNEY HO is reporting that a second show is indeed in the works. The new show would air 9a-noon (ET) and would be based at WSB’s sister News-Talk WGAU-A-W254CJ/ATHENS, GA; WSB PD PETE SPRIGGS told HO that the show is in the "preliminary planning" stage, and ERICKSON said that the show will be available free to any station in GEORGIA.

ERICKSON wrote on FACEBOOK, "The economics of radio are really changing and I think I’ve got a model to help local markets. I don’t need to get rich off this or plan to do that. I really want to be on in every market in GEORGIA … I’ve already got some good commitments. The key is trying to get stations to take it live instead of overnight."

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